Friday, August 26th

Pets still barred from storm shelters

Thousands of Pasco residents were ordered to evacuate last year for Charley, Frances and Jeanne. But many of them stayed home for Fido, Fluffy and Tweetie.

The problem: Pasco County's emergency shelters don't allow pets. Owners have to take their furry friends to a kennel or a friend's house or ride out the storm at home.
Lou on 08.26.05 @ 01:13 PM EST [link]

Saturday, August 20th

People should be responsible for pets

We were shocked at the number of cats and dogs that were available for adoption. According to one of the volunteers there were over 60 cats and 40 dogs. All of these animals are expertly cared for and I think loved by the staff and volunteers.
Lou on 08.20.05 @ 09:28 AM EST [link]

Microchips make lost pets easier to find

This month, the Hawaiian Humane Society has teamed up with veterinarians on the island to provide pet owners with lifetime microchip identification for $5.
Lou on 08.20.05 @ 09:27 AM EST [link]