Wednesday, July 19th

Disaster planning with pets in mind

For the first time, the Red Cross will hold a disaster-planning workshop this weekend that includes preparations for family pets.

``We learned from the incidents during Katrina that we needed to come up with a plan that educates families on how to deal with pets,'' said Elizabeth Leslie, spokeswoman for the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross, which is sponsoring the San Jose event.

Pet owners are encouraged to attend -- without their pets.

Disaster planning with pets in mind
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Monday, July 17th

Photos: Hot stuff for pets

Dog may be man's best friend. But a pet's best friend might just be your credit card.

Americans spent $36.3 billion on their pets last year, and experts expect that to grow to $38.4 billion by the end of 2006, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.

Photos: Hot stuff for pets -
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Pets can help lonely singles find love

CHARLESTON, Ill. (AP) - Love me, love my dog. That's the message for potential suitors from pet owners. Illinois veterinarian Debra Owens says some couples break up or grow closer because of their animals. But she notes there's a lot more to a relationship than a pet. There are even online dating services that cater to the lovers of the four-legged set. Derek Collinson created doglover-dot-biz. He says only dog lovers really understand what it's like to love dogs. Other pet oriented dating sites include date my pet-dot-com and Animal Attraction-dot-com.
Pets can help lonely singles find love
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