Saturday, June 11th

Pet Store Advertising

With billions spent on pets each year, and as these numbers are dramatically increasing at expediential rates, there is an opportunity for successful pet store owners to expand their market. The most logical and progressive means of expansion is the internet.
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Lou on 06.11.05 @ 08:13 AM EST [link]

Thursday, June 9th

Incredible Pets

With over 7000 square feet of pets, a visit to Incredible Pets is truly an unforgettable experience. ePet Web developed their new shopping web site for those customer who are unable to visit "Florida's most Incredible Pet Store" but need access to quality pet products for thier own incredible pets.

Visit the new Incredible today! Incredible Pets

Lou on 06.09.05 @ 02:41 PM EST [link]

Exotic Reptiles for Sale

Almost any pet store can supply you with the generic ball pythons, bearded dragons and red eared sliders. The Reptile Center carries the hard to find stock, the exotic reptiles that you cannot locate easily.

With 20 over years experience in the reptile industry, they have traveled all over the world doing research and setting up collecting stations, to bring you the absolute rarest in exotic reptiles.

Check out The Reptile Center's Exotic Reptiles for Sale now!
Lou on 06.09.05 @ 02:36 PM EST [link]