Wednesday, February 23rd

Basic Aquarium Guide from Hagen

Basic Aquarium Guide provides great tips and practical information on keeping fish.

1. Provide regular, varied, feeding for fish. Feed two to three times per day, the amount consumed in approximately two minutes (for most fish).

2. Keep fish populations within reasonable limits.

3. Follow the daily, weekly, and monthly checklist in this guide.

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Monday, February 21st

Flexi-Mat Acquires Global Pet Products

Pet bedding manufacturer Flexi-Mat Corp. of Plainfield, Ill. acquired Global Pet Products Inc.of Winston-Salem, N.C.

Upon acquisition, the headquarters of Global Pet moved to Flexi-Matís Plainfield offices, and its distribution functions transferred to Flexi-Matís facilities in Texas and Illinois.

Lou on 02.21.05 @ 06:41 PM EST [link]

Saturday, February 19th

Science: Animal welfare bid to control pet cloning industry

[Science News]: ANIMAL welfare activists in the United States are to seek new state and federal restrictions on the growing pet cloning industry.

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U.S. business is going to the dogs

Companies look for a bigger bite of $36 billion pet products market -

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Wednesday, February 16th

Sunset Limits the Number of Pets

(Feb 16, 2005) -- DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (AP) -- The discovery of more than 1-hundred pet birds at a Sunset home last month -- has sparked officials to make new pet rules.
Up until now, the city had no ordinance limiting the number of animals per household.

However, the incident caused animal-control officials to persuade the city to restrict how many pets can live in one house.

Lou on 02.16.05 @ 06:36 PM EST [link]

Pets need dental care, too

February is pet dental health month and South Georgia Veterinarians want you to know there's more to having your pets teeth cleaned than better breath. Dental disease is the number one health problem in dogs and cats over the age of three.

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Wednesday, February 9th

Central Garden buys Kentucky garden products marketer

Central Garden & Pet Co., a Walnut Creek-based lawn, garden and pet products supplier, said Tuesday it acquired Gulfstream Home & Garden Inc..

Central Garden (NASDAQ: CENT) paid about $22 million with possible performance-based payments, the company said.

Lou on 02.09.05 @ 08:20 AM EST [link]

Monday, February 7th

W. Hollywood Bans Pet Cosmetic Surgery

In a city where surgical enhancement is an industry, one official believes its time to curb the practice ó on pets.

West Hollywood Mayor John Duran will ask city council members to approve legislation that will prohibit pet owners from engaging in "the cropping of animals' ears, docking of their tails, surgical procedures to silence them, defanging and other operations performed for 'noncurative' reasons," the Los Angeles Times reports.

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